Strategy Plan Exmple

The final outcome of strategic planning is a strategic plan. The detailed plan itself typically consists of the following segments:

  • Executive summary
  • Statement of mission/charter
  • Appraisal situation analysis
  • Corporate environmental assumptions and guidelines
  • Division environmental assumptions
  • External analysis: market and competition, opportunities and threats
  • Internal analysis: strengths and weaknesses
  • Product-line analysis
  • Evaluation of previous plan
  • Objectives and goals
  • Characteristics and criteria
  • Specific goals
  • Gap-closing actions
  • Strategies
  • Action programs
  • Contingency plan, alternatives, and scenarios

Some companies use a strategic plan similar to the one used by Borg-Warner. An instruction for completing an executive summary, a condensed version of overall plan presents the format of appraisal, including the major assumptions, economic assumptions, and marker analysis and company penetration for the firm.

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Planning And Strategic Planning: An Overview
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